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1:01 NAME

1:01:01This Corporation shall be known as the Manteca Area Soccer League Inc. (referred hereinafter as MASL).


1:02:01The territory of the League shall be that area of the County of San Joaquin in the State of California, defined by the California Youth Soccer Association - hereafter referred to as CYSA or Cal North.

1:02:02The governing authority of this League may create geographical sub-divisions, within the territory, which shall be known as "Clubs". At no time will there be more than one (1) club within the same geographical area, unless they are distinctly designated as outdoor and indoor clubs.

1:02:03Club boundaries shall be fixed and/or modified, by the governing authority of this League, before but no later than, the first of February of the preceding seasonal year.


1:03:01The purpose of this League shall be to develop, promote and administer the games of outdoor and indoor soccer, among youth (boys and girls under nineteen years of age) within the geographical boundaries as defined.

1:03:02MASL shall offer soccer programs to all youth regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin and/or ability within the geographical area in which programs are offered by Cal North and US Club.


1:04:01 The main colors for Manteca Area Soccer League are blue, gold and white. Recreational teams may have a variety of different colors

for each team/age groups/divisions.


1:05:01This League shall be an affiliated branch of and comply with the authority of the California Youth Soccer Association (CYSA/Cal North) and US Club Soccer.


1:06:01This League shall be governed by its' Constitution and Bylaws and any Specific Rules and Procedures which are adopted by the League shall be vested with the Board of Directors of this League.

1:06:02The governing authority of this League whose powers shall be designated in the Bylaws, shall be vested with the Board of Directors of this League.

1:06:03The governing board, hereinafter to be known as the "Board of Directors", shall be comprised of the Director, Finance Officer, Recreational Commissioner, High Comp Competitive (known as High Comp) Commissioner, Equipment Manager, Ways and Means, Team Parent Coordinator, Publicity, Girls Coach Coordinator, Boys Coach Coordinator, U6 Girls & Boys Coach Coordinator, Registrar, Secretary, and the Director of Coaching (DOC).


1:07:01All league members, coaches, teams and players shall be considered members of this League and shall abide by the Constitution and Bylaws of Manteca Area Soccer League, CYSA-Cal North, USYS, US Soccer, and US Club Soccer which also include all General Procedures and Specific Rules as set forth by the Board of Directors and all applicable rules and regulations of CYSA-Cal North, USYS, US Soccer and US Club Soccer.


1:08:01The MASL Director shall call an Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the members to be held no later than December 30 of each year. Notice of the date, time, place and purpose of the meeting shall be disseminated to the membership not less than thirty (30 days or more than ninety (90) days before the meeting date.

1:08:02 The order of Business at the Annual General Meeting shall be as follows:

  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Credentials Report
  4. Introduction of Guests
  5. Acceptance of Minutes of the previous AGM
  6. Reports
  7. Director
  8. Finance Officer
  9. Registrar
  10. Ways and Means
  11. High Comp Commissioner
  12. Unfinished Business
  13. New Business
  14. Proposal changes to Constitution and Bylaws
  15. Voting for new officers.
  16. Good of the Game
  17. Adjournment

1:08:03Each affiliated member and each member of the Board of Directors shall be entitled to one (1) vote. The Director of this League shall only cast a vote in case of a tie. Voting shall be restricted to those affiliated adult members who have been registered during the current season. Voting by proxy shall not be allowed and only those members of record, in good Standing shall be entitled to voting privileges. No person shall cast more than one (1) vote, regardless of his/her affiliations with club(s), team(s), and/or as a member of the Board of Directors. In the event a board member is acting Director they will no longer be eligible to vote unless there is a tie.

1:08:04A quorum shall consist of any number of members present at the Annual General Meeting.

1:08:05In the event there are two or more rule change proposals, that are to be voted on at the AGM that conflict with each other, the rule change proposal that receives the greatest number of "yes" votes shall prevail providing that it receives a two thirds majority of those voting.


1:09:01The Board of Directors, along with the MASL membership may submit proposed changes to the MASL Constitution and Bylaws at the yearly AGM. Proposed changes must be submitted to the MASL Director, in writing, 30 days prior to the AGM. This date will be posted on the MASL website at the start of each season to insure that all members are aware of the date to submit changes for that year.

1:09:02Any and all changes to the Constitution and Bylaws of this League, adopted at the AGM, shall become effective on January 1 following the AGM. The secretary shall present the revised bylaws at the first meeting after the AGM for accuracy check and ratification by the board.


1:10:01No substantial part of the activities of this Corporation shall consist of the carrying on of propaganda or otherwise attempting to influence legislation, nor shall this corporation participate or intervene in any political campaign including publishing or distribution of statements on behalf of any candidate for public office.

1:10:02The Corporation shall distribute its' income for each taxable year at such time and in such manner as not to become subject to tax on undistributed income imposed by Section 4942 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1953.

1:10:03The Corporation shall not engage in any act of self-dealing as defined by Section 4941(d) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954.

1:10:04The Corporation shall not retain any excess business holdings as defined by Section 4943 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954.

1:10:05The Corporation shall not make any investments in such a manner as to subject it to tax under Section 4944 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954.

1:10:06The Corporation shall not make any taxable expenditure as defined by Section 4945(d) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954.

1:10:07The property of this corporation is irrevocably dedicated to charitable purposes and no part of the net income or assets of this organization shall ever inure to the benefit of any director, officer, or member thereof or to the benefit of any private person.

1:10:08On the dissolution or winding up of the Corporation its' assets remaining after payment of, or provision for payment of, all debts and liabilities of this Corporation shall be distributed to a non-profit fund, foundation, or Corporation which is organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes and which has established its' tax-exempt status under Internal Revenue Code Section 501 C 3.

1:10:09If this Corporation holds any assets on trust, or the Corporation is formed for charitable superior court of the county in which the Corporation has its principal office, on petition therefore by the Attorney General or by any person concerned in the liquidation, in a preceding to which the Attorney General is a party.


2:01:01All non-member teams or leagues, within the territorial jurisdiction of the League, shall be deemed as an "Unaffiliated Organization". Any registered team playing games or "doing business" with an unaffiliated organization without written consent of the Board of Directors shall face disciplinary action and/or suspension by the Board of Directors.

2:01:02 Manteca Area Soccer League, Inc. will have a competitive soccer club separate from its' recreational program. The competitive soccer club will have its' own committee and standing rules of order. The competitive soccer club will have 1) Director of Coaching (DOC) and 2) High Competitive Commissioner who sit on the Board of Directors of the Manteca Area Soccer League to represent the Competitive soccer club. Both will have voting rights.

2:01:03All players that are selected to a recreational or competitive team will be registered by the Manteca Area Soccer League and will play under the MASL bylaws.

2:01:04 The competitive soccer committee and standing rules of order shall be governed and approved by the MASL Board of Directors.

2:02 Board of Director Authority

2:02:01 Board Emergency MASL Board shall handle all emergencies between the monthly board meetings. Any actions by the board must be ratified by all Board of Director members at the next scheduled board meeting.

2:02:02 Board Responsibilities

The MASL board shall be responsible for and have sole authority for the following:

  1. Enforcing and interpreting the Constitution, Bylaws, General Procedures and Specific Rules of this League, CYSA-Cal North, USYS, US Soccer and US Club Soccer.
  2. Approving registered teams, affiliated clubs, coaches/assistant coaches
  3. Approving all youth games with member teams and/or CYSA affiliated and US Club teams.
  4. Approving any inter-league, inter-district, or interstate play.
  5. Approving the formation and operation of all tournaments.
  6. Shall from time to time make temporary rules and regulations for specific cases or occasions not provided for in the Constitution, Bylaws, General Procedures or Specific Rules, but which are deemed necessary, by the Board of Directors, to carry out the objectives of this League or to comply with the rules and regulations of the CYSA-Cal North, USYS, US Soccer and US Club Soccer.
  7. To review and approve League Constitution and Bylaws and ensure consistency with member organizations.
  8. Ensure the fair and equitable treatment of the players and teams insofar as is reasonable.
  9. Promote youth soccer - provide the opportunity for training of coaching personnel.
  10. Providing teams and coaches for any and all registered players.
  11. Affiliation with other organizations for the general welfare of the players and the League.
  12. Operating the League that will provide competitive play for all appropriate teams.
  13. Raising of funds for the League expenses.
  14. Recording, publicizing, and promoting the League activities and endeavors.
  15. Appointing the necessary staff and supervising their activities.
  16. Submitting minutes of special board meetings at the next regular scheduled board meeting.
  17. Any other duties necessary to make sure that MASL runs smoothly.

2:02:03 Removal of Members

Board of Directors authorization regarding removal of a member is as follows:

  1. The MASL Board shall have the right and authority to suspend, bar completely or otherwise discipline any player, coach, manager, team assistant, league officer or referee from any member team, league or organization with the proper hearing.
  1. Any person who transgresses Federal, State, or other Civil laws; or acts in any other manner that causes MASL embarrassment in public view shall be dismissed.
  1. Any person(s) causing disputes within MASL to the point of having ill effects on MASL may be reprimanded to a point appropriate by the Board.
  1. It is not the policy of MASL to cause embarrassment to any party, or to pursue unfounded claims/rumors. All complaints requiring official MASL action are to be in written form. All material gathered in any MASL investigation is to be considered and handled as confidential information. Any board member that does not keep information confidential will be brought up on charges for violation of this Bylaw.
  1. The Board of Directors shall have by two thirds (2/3) vote of the members present

(once a quorum has been established) the authority to remove, with cause, any member of the Board of Directors with the proper hearing. Notice of said hearing shall be given in writing at least 14 days prior to the hearing. Cause shall be deemed as not performing one's duties as set forth by the Constitution, Bylaws, General Procedures or Standing Rules or being found guilty of conduct that is detrimental to the purpose of this Association/League.

2:02:04 Board Authority For All Operations of League

The Board shall have the authority to approve and require approval of any procedures, appointments, and interpretations of League policy made by any committee of this organization not explicitly provided for in the Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation.

2:02:05 Board Resignations and Interim Appointments

Any member of the Board of Directors may resign effective upon the date and time specified in a written notice given to the MASL Director. The Director may appoint an interim person to the vacant position for the remaining 2-year term with the approval of the Board of Directors. Vote to accept must be done at the next scheduled board meeting.

2:02:06 Vendor Gratuity or Gifts (Prohibited)

No voting member of the board shall receive, accept, or otherwise obtain any gratuity of gift from any vendor contracted by or doing business with MASL. No voting member shall accept on behalf of his or her associated team any gratuity or gift from any vendor contracted by or doing business with MASL. Team sponsorship shall not be considered a gratuity. If a board members team is sponsored by a vendor or a potential vendor, then the Board member must excuse themselves from the decision making process to include voting.

2:02:07 Board Purchases over $5,000.00

For any purchase over $5,000.00 the MASL Board of Directors shall require three (3) written competitive bids to be submitted for review. The vendor shall be selected based on majority vote of the Board of Directors. The bids and documentation concerning awarding of contracts or purchases shall be available for review by any member. In the event three (3) written competitive bids cannot be obtained, the Board of Directors may waive this requirement for this particular situation.

2:02:08 Competing or Non-MASL Organizations

Any person(s) holding a board position with a competing or non-MASL interest organization, must first be interviewed and approved by a 2/3rd (two-thirds) of the MASL board before being considered to run for any MASL position. This rule would not apply to any MASL member(s) that are organizing additional services on behalf of MASL and its' affiliates This rule is only intended to aid in keeping only those individuals, groups or organizations interested in servicing the best interest of MASL. The MASL board does reserve the right to decline the help, assistance and/or services of any individual, group or organization that may be considered to bring ill intent to MASL soccer program and/or any of its members, or the better interest of the League.


2:03:01 Fees and Registration - Any applicant for membership in the League shall be submitted yearly with the appropriate fee(s) and a properly completed registration form prepared in accordance with the current registration instructions and procedures.

2:03:02 Fees - Annual fees for members are due and payable, unless otherwise provided for by the Board of Directors, at the time of, but no later than such players (1st) team or league practice and/or game. Players are not considered registered until all of that players fee(s) are paid. Registration for MASL will be the dollar amount set by the board with a late fee of $15.00. MASL Board of Directors will choose on a yearly basis whether or not there will be a fundraiser, if the Board of Directors choose to have a fundraiser. MASL will have one mandatory fundraiser offered to our entire league (Recreational and Competitive). If members choose not to participate in the fundraiser a $40.00 buyout will be paid per member per registered player. If members choose to pay for the buyout at time of registration a $40.00 fee on top of registration will be added per player registration.(SEE PIM 0110)

2:03:03 Fees - All bank checks, drafts and or money orders submitted to this League shall be made payable to the Manteca Area Soccer League or to MASL.

2:03:04 Voting Rights - For the purpose of election of the Board of Directors, voting rights will be held by the parents or legal guardians of each member player. Each family will be allowed one vote regardless of the number of players registered in that one family.

2:03:05All MASL members shall be responsible for governing those persons and their actions associated with their operations/teams. Teams shall abide by the League rules under which they are registered and in which they are playing.

2:03:06Falsification of records shall be grounds for disbarment from future participation and/or membership in this Association.

2:03:07A plea of ignorance to the Constitution, Bylaws, General Procedures and Specific Rules of this League, the CYSA-Cal North, USYS, US Soccer and/or US Club Soccer is not sufficient and violators may expect appropriate action by the Board of Directors of this Association.

2:03:08Any person found guilty of violating the Constitution, Bylaws, General Procedures and Specific Rules of this League, the CYSA-Cal North, USYS, US Soccer and/or US Club Soccer may be asked to appear before the Board of Directors of this League in order to explain his/her actions.


2:04:01 Regular meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held on the 4th Monday of each

month or subject to change due to holidays and/or emergencies approved with the consent of the majority of the Board of Directors. The agenda for regular meetings shall be as follows:

  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Introduction of Guests
  4. Acceptance of Minutes
  5. Open Forum (sign in sheet with discussion topic listed will be available at all

meetings for guests wishing to speak. Guests will be called on by the Director during open forum and will have a maximum of 3 minutes to speak.

  1. Finance Officer
  2. Board and Committee Reports (written and handed out to each board member)
  3. Unfinished Business
  4. New Business
  5. Good of the Game
  6. Adjournment

2:04:02The Board of Directors shall meet whenever the Director deems it necessary, or if he/she is instructed to do so by four (4) or more members of the Board of Directors.

2:04:03 Meeting dates - During league play (September and October) the MASL Board will meet twice a month on the 2nd Monday and the 4th Monday.


2:05:01At all board meetings you must have a quorum for the transaction of business. A quorum is 50% plus 1 of the board members present.

2:05:02Once the above quorum has been established, for any vote to carry, a simple majority of voting board members present must vote in favor of the motion, including disbursements of money over the amount of $200.00 AND any motions requiring board approval.


2:06:01In the everyday operation of the League, any non-budgeted disbursement of monies in the $50.00 to $200.00 range shall require the approval of a minimum of three voting Board members other than the person requiring the funds. E-mail documentation would suffice this requirement showing approval by 3 board members. (SEE PIM 0109)

2:06:02This League shall not assume, nor be liable for debts and/or the financial responsibility either implied or incurred of any player, coach, manager, team assistant, league official, or referee from any member team, league or organization.

2:06:03Signature Authority - There shall be a double signature on all league checks. These shall be signed by two of the following:

  1. Finance Officer AND one of the following, either the Director or the Registrar
  2. At no time shall any related parties be the two (2) signatures on a check, regardless of who the check is made payable to.

2:06:04The League may contract and pay for an outside agency for tax purposes. If an outside agency is used, the financial officer of MASL will be the liaison between the league and the outside agency. The agency will be certified, and if an individually owned company, be bonded and fingerprinted by the appropriate agency. The financial officer of MASL shall be responsible for using a certified accountant for preparing and all papers pursuant to the Articles of Incorporation and Tax Exemption status of this League for tax purposes. Until such time as an outside agency is hired, the financial officer of MASL shall provide this League a monthly financial summary at their monthly board meetings.


2:07:01This committee should be chaired by the MASL Director and shall be known as the PAD committee for MASL. It should also include the MASL Recreational Commissioner, Girls Coach Coordinator for girls issues or Boys Coach Coordinator for boys issues, at least one non-coach and a referee (if it is pertaining to a red card). The committee shall act for the League in all disciplinary matters and shall have the discretionary powers in interpreting the degree of punishment applied to member players and team personnel. In cases of repetition (i.e., if the same player or team personnel during the same season is reported for other offenses, even if the infraction is not of the same nature) more severe action will be taken. All cases of violence must be severely punished.

2:07:02 Appeal Process Refer to section 3:10 under General Procedures

2:07:03 Appeals to MASL Board Adverse decisions by the PAD committee may be further appealed to the MASL full Board. Appeals must be submitted to the Director within 72 hours after official notification of judgment and shall be accompanied by a non-refundable fee of $100.00 made payable to MASL (cashier's check or money order only).

2:07:04 Appeals to District Appeals denied by the MASL Board may be further appealed to the District VIII Commissioner per CYSA Bylaw 4:09 Protest and Appeals.

2:08 AWARDS (Soccer-ship and Player Grants)


  1. (1) SOCCERSHIPS: The purpose of Soccerships is to give children who come from financially disadvantaged families the opportunity to play soccer by helping to pay League registration fees.
  • GRANTS: Player grants are financial awards given to players to help pay for costs to participate in training clinics, Olympic Development tournaments and other advanced soccer events.
  1. The John Miles/Lisa Faulkner Fund is the account for monies set aside for soccerships and grants. The fund accepts contributions from organizations, businesses and individuals. The League may donate to the fund each year. The amount that may be donated by the League shall not be less than 2% of the profit from the previous years major fund raiser and must be approved by the Board of Directors each year prior to league registration.
  2. All applications will go to the Soccership committee for consideration of approval. The committee will be consist of the Director, Financial Officer, and the coach coordinator for that gender. A majority vote by the committee is required for approval. The committee will present its findings at the next scheduled board meeting.
  3. All parents receiving soccerships for their child are required to volunteer a designated amount of time during the soccer season. The duties and required time will be set by the Board of Directors depending on the monetary amount given.


  1. Soccership Requirements
  2. Applications to be submitted by registration deadline, no late soccerships will be accepted.
  3. One application required per player
  4. Proof of need must be supplied. No determination will be made until all proper documentation is received from the requestor.
  5. Player awards limited to the League registration fee amount.
  6. Player award can be divided up among more than one player in a family, but it cannot exceed the single registration fee amount for that season.
  7. Player Grant Requirements
  8. Applications to be submitted to the League Director at least two weeks prior to the next scheduled board meeting.
  9. Player must be currently registered and active with the league
  10. Player must supply all documentation to prove acceptance in a legitimate or sanctioned CYSA/USYS/US Soccer/US Club Soccer event.
  11. Awards to be limited to one grant per player per calendar year


2:09:01All officers of this League and officials of member teams and clubs shall be covered against personal liability claims by the California Youth Soccer Association and US Club for performing acts and duties directly related to the work of this League when participation is under CYSA or US Soccer.

2:09:02All officers of this League and officials of member teams and clubs shall be covered against personal liability claims by the US Club Soccer for performing acts and duties directly related to the work of this league when participation is under US Club Soccer.


2:10:01The rules contained in Robert's Rules of Order shall govern this League in all cases in which they do not conflict with the Constitution, Bylaws, General Procedures and Specific Rules of this League and member organizations in which we are a under and a part of.

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