Job Descriptions


The Director shall provide the following including, but not limited to, clear and precise leadership and direction for the league; conduct all meetings of the Board of Directors and shall cast a vote in the case of a tie. The Director shall appoint, at the beginning of each season, as appropriate and subject to the approval of the Board of Directors, the Standing Committees and/or the Committees Chairpersons. The Director shall attend all District VIII board meetings and be the voice for MASL.

Girls Coach Coordinator and U6 Coordinator (2 different posistions)

The coach coordinator shall Provide the following, including but not limited to; recruit and supervise coaches and Age Group Coordinators. The coach coordinator will coordinate with the Commissioner all Coaching clinics, referee classes and soccer camp. They will also coordinate the coaches meetings, which includes securing the location, dates and times.

Equipment Manager

The Equipment Manager is responsible for including, but not limited to the following: all equipment - inventory, distribution and collection of coaches equipment; order replacement equipment as needed; coordinate uniform committee, secure bids for uniforms, present bids to board for selection of uniforms. Provide the finance officer with list of equipment not returned in order to bill coach.

Fundraiser Coordinator

Fundraiser Coordinator shall insure all areas of the League fundraisers are thoroughly handled. Shall work with a committee to select and then execute successful fundraisers for the League. Shall provide records to the board on all fundraisers. Coordinate with publicity, finance officer, and team parent coordinator.

Team Parent Coordinator

`The Team Parent Coordinator shall insure each team has a team parent; Shall be the spokesperson for parents at the MASL board meetings and the middle person to bridge the gap regarding communication between the parents and the board; develop a volunteer list to help the league with fundraisers, registration, pictures, etc.; coordinate the activities of picture day including receiving bids from photography companies and securing the company, time, date, and location including makeup dates; provide possible team names list to coaches.

Publicity Coordinator

The Publicity Coordinator shall coordinate the League's public relations (Press releases, Facebook, Website) working with the Registrar, Team Parent Coordinator, and the Rangers to ensure that up-to-date information is released, in a timely manner, for all activities pertaining to MASL.

High Comp Commissioner

The High Comp Commissioner is responsible for including, but not limited to the following: oversee all aspects of MASL high comp division (Rangers), including soliciting coaches and coaches applications, coach's interviews, player and team selections; working with the Commissioner to secure fields and referees for games. Shall assume the Commissioners duties if the Commissioner is unable to do so.

Age Group Coordinators

These are non-board member positions that assist coaching coordinators at each different age level of play, ensuring fields are setup correctly and safe to play on. They shall help Coach Coordinators with team selection, ensure that coaches are following safety procedures, ensure parents are following guidelines for parent behavior.


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