Spring 2017 Registration will be at Woodward Park on October 22, 2016 under the blue MASL tent.


2017 Board Positions

The following Board positions are open for Nominations for the 2017 year

If you are interested in running for one of the following Board positions please email Bill Arriola by 10/30/16 director@mantecasoccer.com

  • ​Publicity Officer- 

    The Publicity Officer shall coordinator the League’s public relations (news release, website) working with the Registrar, Ways and Means and Rangers to ensure that up-to-date information is released, in a timely manner, for all activities pertaining to MASL. 


  • Secretary

    The Secretary shall keep accurate record of all meetings, handle all correspondence, give notice of meetings and maintain the files of this League. Shall call roll establishing a quorum at each meeting and tally all votes during a Board vote. All minutes from meetings will be presented to the Board at the next regular board meeting. Shall distribute all CYSA League Bulletins to the Board at the first meeting after receipt. May use audio equipment as an aid in preparing the minutes. These tapes cannot be used to transcribe as minutes per Robert’s Rules of Order (newly revised). The Secretary shall be responsible also for the preparation of the Annual General Report. 


  • Boys Coach Coordinator (U7-Up)- 

    The coach coordinator shall provide the following, including but not limited to; recruit and supervise coaches and Age Group Coordinators (AGC). The coach coordinator will coordinate with the Commissioner all Coaching clinics, referee classes and soccer camps. They will also coordinate the coaches meetings, which include securing the location, dates and times. If any of the coach coordinator positions are not filled at any time, the board of directors can assign the position to an existing coach coordinator until filled. 

  • Commissioner- 

    The Commissioner shall oversee all areas of the operational end of MASL, including but not limited to: set up play with outside leagues (not including the Rangers United teams), with Board approval; monitor all committees dealing with league operations; set up referee and coaching clinics; act as Director in the event that the Director and Assistant Director are both unable to do so, until the Board can meet and elect a new Director. Secure all fields from the City of Manteca and MUSD for practice and play. Work with the referee coordinator from Manteca Soccer Referee Association (MSRA) to ensure that all games are covered; follow up with MSRA on any referee complaints. Chair the committee to review “Special Request Forms”. This committee will consist of the Director, Assistant Director, Finance Officer, Commissioner and the Coach Coordinators for that group. 



Spring Season 2017 signups at woodward park
Fall 2016/17 EOS tournament
Fall 2016/17 EOS tournament